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2020. 04. 03  
Dear friends,
how are you now? Hope this message finds you and your loved ones well!

Following the guidelines of the government to lock down and
reinforce quarantine, I am enjoying this lone holiday by riding a
bike, practicing yoga, hiking in Mt. Taunus, visiting a local
market twice a week to get seasonal fresh vegetables.

As a homeopath, I would like to emphasize the real covid-19
buster is our vital force, not isolating ourselves. We get
infected when our vital force is low and thus susceptible
to viruses, not when we approach to others closer than
1.5m or go to parties. So what we are asked now is to
boost our immune system by good exercises, good foods,
sharing laugh and love with your loved ones, etc., to keep
our mind sound.

Of course I am aware how serious this pandemic is and how
panicky the medical field is. But what medical people can do
is just to support our inert immune system to function properly.
It is only us individuals who can prevent infections by keeping
our immune system well and cure ourselves once infected…
by taking a good rest. Inflammatory symptoms are annoying
and we want to remove immediately, but this is the process of
cleansing our body and what we should do is to complete it,
not to suppress it by medications such as anti-inflammatory
analgesic.. The real tragedy happens when we suppress
the inflammation. The chaos in hospitals are the result of that.

Lockdown/controlling people using huge budget is not the
fundamental solution of this pandemic because the real
causation is not in human contacts and lockdown leads to
economic disaster. The hessische financial minister Thomas
Schäfer committed suicide reportedly on March 28th because
of the pessimistic vision of this country. (He was told to be the
next prime minister of Germany.)

The interventions in hospitals are for emergency. Medications
are for suppressing symptoms and make our detox process
incomplete. This means they not only make our immune
system weaker but contribute the chances of viral mutation.

I will not go deeper into the analysis of corvid-19 further more
but rather would like to introduce some general information
about viral infection.

Viruses are everywhere from ancient times and we and viruses
have been cohabitating in balance since the first human being
emerged in this planet. Virus is not a living entity by itself like
bacteria but a part of our components, and has a feature it can
destroy a nuclear of cells. Virus is not for barricading to
expel, because it cannot move by itself nor cannot proliferate
by itself. Yes it invades our system and destroys cells but
cannot enter our system unless invited. This is the important
point of viral infection.

We are familiar with computer updating, right? It is to erase the
old unnecessary information to prepare for the new. To say
more, it's us who are asking viruses to help us update our
system by destroying our old unnecessary information stuck in
cells by breaking a nucleus itself. It is interesting it happened in
this year 2020 of scrap and build, isn't it? This is not the war,
but rather a big chance to update and adjust ourselves to the
coming era.

This covid-19 chaos is quite psychological in multiple reasons
because what we are asked now is our awareness for the next
stage; this is exactly the last stage of ascension of this planet
which is inevitable. As far as we are trapped in the view point
of lower-self or ego of this three-dimensional world, we will not
be able to survive the coming real chaos. The three-dimensional
value represented by materialism, individualism, “I WIN and you
lose” and so on will not work anymore and collapse.

The current lockdown is accelerating our old pattern and going
to the opposite direction we should be heading for. Rather what
we are asked now is real awareness of ourselves, reconnecting
our higher-self that is within us. Practically at this moment what
we are asked is really to reflect ourselves in order to identify
the old pattern we are clinging to...:

 Which drama do I want to end?
 What do I want to remove from my life?
 How would I like to design my future from now?

The real enemy is our clinginess to keep the unnecessary old
pattern which should be removed now. Pouring paranoiac fear
to covid-19 actually decreases our vital force and makes us
even more vulnerable to infections. Collective consciousness
(of Carl Jung) to pour tremendous energy into the unseen even
materializes it. Do we want to pour our energy to create an
unconquerable alien?

What we want to proceed now is cohabit, not conquer. This is
what's happening in this planet now. I am crossing my fingers
for your smooth transit in this final (and most tough) stage.
Remember, this is the most important moment to proceed
to oneness.

With lots of love ❤️🌷🍀



鎌田孝美(Takami Kamata)












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